Simplified Attendance Monitoring for the Leaders

VMAX provides a solution for issues related to the maintenance of attendance in your organization. SmartTouch is a Wireless Biometric Attendance System which helps in recording and maintaining the attendance of your company staff by providing a Web Based Cloud Solution. Not only does it make it easy for your staff to register their attendance, it makes it easy for the leaders to monitor the attendance of their teams.

Reduction of Errors

This reduces the time it takes to process the attendance and reduce manual errors. Keeping in mind that biometrics is the use of unique features of individuals, SmartTouch ensures appropriate recording of attendance. It means that your attendance system will not only be effective but secure as well.

Although every organization relies on the integrity of their staff, with the help of SmartTouch, chances of recording attendance incorrectly for someone who hasn’t come to office is reduced to nil. Employees have to be personally present to mark their attendance. If your organization was affected by the problem of proxy punching then this will bring it to an end.

Works Even in the Absence of Network

In addition to providing security in these forms, SmartTouch transmits data on a real-time basis to the server once a fingerprint is registered. If, for any reason, SmartTouch is not connected to the network for a period of time, then it will store the data in its memory till the time the network connection is established. Then it transmits the data over the network once again and begins working on a real time basis.

With every transaction being recorded by SmartTouch, you will be able to monitor details of In and Out times of every employee without having to go through the rigorous task of sifting through scores of manually entered data.


With security in mind, VMAX ensures that SmartTouch can be protected by a password for organizations who need to secure the attendance details of their employees and avoid unwanted tampering of data.

Power Backup

With keen attention to detail, we have also added the option of a power backup supply so that it continues to work even in the absence of electricity. This is a very useful feature for organizations who work from remote locations.

Easy Integration

The fact that SmartTouch can be easily integrated with any of the applications that your company is currently using, makes it extremely viable. VMAX provides SmartTouch as a solution to organizations who may want to install it on the internet, the organization’s intranet server or with the Client PC. This is helpful for various arms of the company to work in complete sync. The payroll team will be able to use the data for processing the pay for the employees using accurate information from SmartTouch instead of manual entries which may have a chance of error. This simplifies things for the employees as well who will find the payroll system to be more transparent and error-free.

Timely Generation of Reports

With automation of the attendance system, you will be able to generate reports in a timely manner using SmartTouch. Our attendance system provides daily, weekly and monthly reports which can be used by team leaders, managers, the HR team and the board of directors for checking real time attendance, understanding attendance trends, calculating payrolls, statistics related to shifts, overtime and leaves taken by the employees.

Who can use it?

SmartTouch by VMAX can be used by any organization that maintains attendance. From educational institutions to government organizations, every organization can benefit from the many advantages offered by SmartTouch.