The use of biometric attendance in organizations is on the rise. SmartTouch Wireless Cloud Biometric Device aims at augmenting the use of biometrics and ensuring that organizations can benefit in numerous ways when it comes to attendance. Every organization has gone through the daunting task of recording and maintaining attendance accurately, and many a times, the impact of inaccurate data has been in financial terms as well. This is where VMAX steps in to reverse these attendance problems with the help of SmartTouch.

Ease of Use

The working of SmartTouch is simplified so that anyone can use it. It uses fingerprints to track attendance, so the employees have to use their finger to record their attendance. They do not have to look up their name in a register or search through an excel sheet or have a team leader do it. Every individual is responsible for their own attendance and there is no chance of error in recognizing whose attendance needs to be marked because of the use of a biometric attendance system.

While the biometric attendance system being is extremely comprehensive, it still maintains a user friendly interface which ensures that employees do not feel overwhelmed when it comes to understanding and using the system.

Manage and Monitor Multiple Locations

For organizations who have multiple branches across different locations, the SmartTouch Wireless Cloud Biometric Device is an easy solution for managing the attendance of employees in different locations. With the help of a Cloud biometric system, data can be obtained from different locations easily, without worrying about manual collection of data.

In addition to this, every record is instantly stored in central server being accessible from anywhere to authorised person, the system allows users to view information from the Cloud on just about any device. Whether you wish to check information on the go on your mobile device, or you would like to check it from your office on your desktop computer, we support all the devices which makes it even easier for users to get information instantly.

Seamless Integration with your Company Software

The SmartTouch Wirless Cloud Biometric Device can be easily integrated with your company’s ERP software. It is designed to support all major platforms like PHP, .Net, Java, Oracle, SAP, SalesForce and the like. For a system that easily and seamlessly adapts to your company’s system, you do not have to make unwanted changes around the software or products that you are using or have your employee go through training to learn a new software.


For every organization that has faced the repercussions of inaccurate manual entry of attendance, SmartTouch comes in the form of a boon. Accuracy is not an option any longer when we live in a highly advanced age where technology empowers us every day. SmartTouch accurately logs the time and attendance of the employees and ensures that their punctuality can be checked through the reports it creates. Even leaves can be easily tracked with the help of this system created by VMAX.

Cost Effective

SmartTouch comes with many Smart yet cost effective features that will not only let you start with system immediately but also reduces lot of costs that are usually incurred on biometric systems. You don’t need to setup a LAN Network, neither dedicated PC required nor a Static IP. You need to spend on software upgrades or hard ware purchases.

Saves Time

If your payroll team is working relentlessly when it comes to the calculation of attendance for the employees, then it is time to consider smarter alternatives. SmartTouch helps you save time and increase the efficiency of the payroll team. It also helps managers and team leaders reduce the amount of time they spend in calculating the number of hours worked by the employees.

Real Time Information

Relying on SmartTouch can be helpful because it gives you real time information regarding the attendance of the employees. This means that you can immediately track whether an employee has made it to the office or not with the help of SmartTouch. You do not have to go around checking it physically or by taking help of people who manage a manual attendance. SmartTouch eradicates all such issues and simplifies real time access of data related to attendance.

Wireless Solution

SmartTouch is a wireless biometric attendance system which makes it easy to manage attendance by taking away the hassles of a traditional biometric system. It works on GPRS system and it can either be configured with your organization’s Wi-Fi system. So you do not have to worry about connecting it to a network of wires for the transmission of data. The Wi-Fi network is enough for SmartTouch to transmit data effectively.

Tracing Field Staff

While this features comes on special request, VMAX, will be able to incorporate a GPS system into SmartTouch for organizations who require to track field employees. With the incorporation of a GPS system, you will not have to rely on the word of the employee to know where they are and whether they have marked their attendance or not. This makes it very effective for organizations who have a large number of field employees.

Freedom from worries

SmartTouch makes your life easy by providing instant solution where you do not need to set up networks, wires or power backups. You don’t have bother about Virus attacks, Sudden System Crashes or dedicated resources to manage it. The Cloud System takes care of everything for you

Plug and play

With all these benefits, another great thing about SmartTouch is that VMAX had designed the system to be ready for use in minutes. For a device that has the ability to do so much, and takes only minutes to begin its work, SmartTouch is a system that can be a great attendance solution for your organization.