Add Ons

Just when you thought that SmartTouch couldn’t have any more benefits, we would like to introduce a few add-ons to the system which makes it even more advantageous by extending the functionality of the biometric attendance system to have enhanced capabilities. These add-ons involve additional cost, but the functionality they provide may be able to augment the ability of your organization to track attendance depending on the nature of business.

RFID Reader – for companies who wish to use the RFID cards of the employees to track attendance can do so with the help of the RFID reader that comes as an add on from SmartTouch. It is helpful at times when an employee is not in a position to use their finger. RFID cards attendance system comes with same set of services, features of SmartTouch. When the card is punched, information will reach the cloud server.

Wi-Fi – VMAX stays ahead by providing organizations with a variety of options when it comes to connectivity. One such option is the use of Wi-Fi. So if your company wishes to use the Wi-Fi system instead of relying on the GSM network, then you will be able to do so with the help of the add-on of Wi-Fi connectivity to SmartTouch.

GPS Integration –Tracking field staff can get very cumbersome without the presence of appropriate devices. SmartTouch takes away your worries when it comes to tracking field staff which helps in increasing their efficiency and enhancing the ability of the company to perform better. With the GPS Integration provided by VMAX, you will be able to track your field agents easily. The GPS tells you exactly where the device is on the map, so you know where the employee gave the attendance from. Did you have an employee who may be trying to get away with wrong information about his attendance? SmartTouch solves this problem easily for you.

Face Detection: For those who need additional layer of identification and verification, SmartTouch brings Wireless Face Detection System that captures the relative position, size, and shape of user’s eyes, nose, cheekbones, and jaw features, these feature templates are used to be matching feature data, when users verify on device, it distils captured features into value and compares with templates to eliminate variance.

Aadhaar (UIDAI) Enabled Biometric Attendance System

For Government offices and other institutions who wanted to have authorised authentication of the fingerprint can avail Aadhar Based verification system that interacts to the Aadhaar (UIDAI) in real time and provides verification immediately. It is widely used biometric attendance and beneficiary identification mechanism in Government offices in India.

 One Point Registration

Does your staff keep travelling to different branches?, With traditional Biometric system staff has must punch in the device in which they registered. If they move or travel to new location they cannot give their attendance as they are not registered here. With SmartTouch its no more a worry. With Our Cloud cluster finger templates management system you can transfer Finger prints registered with one device to another so that the employee need not register it everywhere, our cloud will transfer the prints to required device on your cluster which makes it easy and convenient

These add-ons come at an additional cost and offer functions that can be very helpful for many organizations.